Love Said No (revolverkiller) wrote in justanillusion,
Love Said No

im new and venting...copied from my journal

I'm so tired as of late of People, Of people disappointing me, being drunk burn outs, of my fuckedupness, of my heart breaking, and of life in general. I'm pissed off at the fakeness of People. I'm pissed off at my depression, My own bullshit, the evil things that I do that are wrong, the lies and the sorrow. The meaningless bullshit that I try to live my life by, the very core of my new existence that I try to awake people with isn't enough to push people to change. I have tried to be everything to everyone, to be the shining star in Someones life, my struggle to be the only one has failed. I am being tossed aside for what? I dunno, People have disappointed me for the last time, Kiss My Ass fuckers!!! You will mourn the loss of my light, wisdom and love. I am spirialing into myself like a collapsing star, falling into my own hell.....Again.
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