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Am I really happy or is this all

Just An Illusion?

Just An Illusion
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This community is for your stories of heartache, loss, separation, and other things in life that make you realize more and more that happiness is just an illusion.

(Please read this whole section before joining)

You may be happy now, but just realize that everything falls, everything has ups and downs. Life does crap like that to you. This community is just so that we can get through these hard knocks together.

Pretty much, just a place to vent or be upset, jealous, sad, or lonley at. I prolly won't say anything about so called off topic posts.. if you need someone, you're prolly in the right place.


State wether you're just bitching to vent, or if you want advice.

Respect and follow wether the poster wanted advice or not. Nothings worse than ranting and venting just to have someone tell you what you should do if you don't want it.

Guidelines: You're allowed to bitch. You're allowed to whine and moan and be a baby. We understand, because we've all been there. Just remember, we'll help you, and each other, as long as everyone takes the steps to better themselves with good advice. If you don't want advice, but you just want comfort, let us know. We'll listen, we'll empathize but we won't give advice unless you ask for it. Bash your exboyfriend out. Tell off your boss. Etc etc etc.

If later the need comes for special rules for posting private messages, we'll add a rule for that. as for now I dont care.

Teenager issues (like not getting to go out, like grades, like tests, like teachers like parents etc etc) are one of my pet peeves. There are real world issues/pains/heartaches/problems that are much more serious than these types of issues.. I know they seem really tough, but you're going to wish you had those kind of issues when you get older. These would be better suited in a Teen-only type community. I prefer that only adult-type issues be posted here. This doesnt mean that if you're in high school that you cant join. Theres exceptions everwhere, and mature teenagers with real world issues are welcome.

I started this community because I am a survivor of major depression. On top of this, I've been through more pain than I can imagine... and I know that there are so many people out there going through this, and all they need is someone to talk to, to give them attention. Its 4 years later, and I'm off the depression medication and much better.. and I would like to offer that kind of hope to others.. because I wish I had that back then.

pandoraraighn is the moderator.