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So I'm new here.*waves* hello everyone.I have been wanting to just go off on my Lj but I ahve too many friends who read it etc.

*DISCLAMER* This is the "i'm really a nice guy and don't feel like dealing with my conticence latter" speach.--If anyone is easyly insulted don't read this.If your having a nice day and are going to post such here don't read this.I'm here because I'm normally a nice guy and I have to be nice at work.Both of which tend to biuld tention.ok that out of the way.I'm going to go off a bit,don't expect any of this to make much sence.

Ok so I came on to read a bit and see what people really say in here etc and the first thing I see is a poem by someone who's feeling all loved and shyt.What the F3ck is that??What part of IT"S JUST A F#CKING ILLUSIONS didn't you understand?I don't give a rats @$$ if your freakin happy.YAY for you heres a cookie.*shakes head*

I hate people.I'm so sick of being the nice guy who never gets the girl.I'm sick of females saying that they want a guy like this and this and this and blah blah blah.Because you know whay?It's usually sitting in front of them and they take the a$$hole anywway.So when there sitting there bitching about him they can kiss my arse because they could have had better.They just didn't want it.I'm sick of being unsure of myself when I shouldn't be.I'm sick of smoking and not having the will to stop.I'm sick of feeling like a f#ck-up.I'm sick of spellchecking.I'm sick of having to be nice to people who I think should be shot.I'm so sick of people I want to kick a puppy just because I know people like them grrrr.I'm sick of wanting someone who doesn't ahve any interest in me.I'm sick of people that lie to themselves.I'm sick and tired of being lonely.I wish I just ahd someone I could cuddle with and shyt.I"m sick of caring.I'm sick of feeling.I just want to go numb.I wish I could sit in a padded room with a hug me coat on and just talk to voices all day freaking long.i'm sick off feeling like a m,oron because I don't have as much schooling as I'd like to have.I hate being incredib;y smart and having no real schooling.I hate not learning.I hate working a f#cking monkey job.I ahte not ahving my own place.I hate the fact that I was out of work for 3 moths and was forced to move abck home after 6 years of not living there.I ahte the fact that I like someone and ahve no clue how she feels.I wanted to tell ehr but don't know when I will see her next.So I posted it in my Lj one night.I have yet to hear anything one way or the other.I hate not having time to do the things I would like to do.I'm sick of watching my hope die before me.I'm sick of not having the guts to pull the trigger.I hate the fact that the rest of the world is all for the goverment because it feeds them a whole lat of shyt but because it's what they want to hear 'god' forbid you tell them the truth.Yeah were doing this for this and this and this and did anyone notice that the Us pres family got rich from oil?hmm go to war with place with litsa oil...hmm just a thought.and god forbid anyone think that a government wouldn't kill it's own people in say "plane crashes" so they can better control people with a new word liek "terorism" huh and you know we didn't even need to draft for a war because so many people signed up for it after planes hit it...hmmm.*shakes head* I told you not to read if your easily insulted*snicker* But no one would even think that the government would do such horrible things because the US is soooooooo much better then evryone else.f#ck it.It wont change anything anyway.It matters about as much as anything else.which isn't all that much.Ok I'm done for now I guess.I feel a little bit betetr i think.*kicks a puppy*I'm not even going to spellcheck this f#ck it.

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